Social Services Certification for Skilled Nursing Facility-Staff

SSD Online Training by Jody Giac


In this self-paced SSD certification course, you will receive personal attention and coaching from a PsychoSocial consultant combined with the flexibility of online instruction. When you register for this course, you will receive immediate access to two online courses: F-Tag 745: What Every Social Services Staff Member Must Know, and Social Services and the Mega Rule (Final Rule). You may begin taking those courses while waiting for your psychosocial consultant to contact you with further instructions (within three business days).

Who should take this course?

This basic course is for all nursing home social service departments and designees. It is particularly advised for those who are new to the nursing home environment.

Why should I take this course?

Social Service Departments/Designees are essential components of nursing home care. This course will help you attain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform your job.

What will I learn?

After successfully completing Social Services Certification for Skilled Nursing Facilities, you will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose and organization of the social service department (SSD),
  • List the skills required of the SSD,
  • List the types of interventions the SSD provides to residents,
  • Complete the required documents,
  • Understand how to complete medically related social services,
  • Plan for successful discharges,
  • Utilize social work systems for your facility,
  • Understand residents' behaviors and cognition,
  • Communicate in ways that allow you to become a valued member of the IDT,
  • Advocate for residents in the face of legal challenges, and
  • Prepare for successful compliance surveys.
  • List common psychotropic medications prescribed and described their intended use and side effects
  • Describe informed consent and how to obtain informed consent

Purchase of this course also includes two online courses. For information about the learning objectives covered by those courses, see F-Tag 745: What Every Social Services Staff Member Must Know, and Social Services and the Mega Rule (Final Rule).

How long will it take?

Allow about 24 hours to complete the nine lessons and quizzes in Social Services Certification for Skilled Nursing Facilities in addition to the time required for the two online courses: F-Tag 745: What Every Social Services Staff Member Must Know, and Social Services and the Mega Rule (Final Rule).

What about quizzes?

Each lesson in this course includes a quiz.

Will I get a certificate?

After passing the course, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.

Lesson 1: Long-term Care- An Overview of Social Service Skills, Interventions and Organization.
Lesson 1 Handout

Lesson 2: Documentation
Lesson 2: Part One Handout
Lesson 2: Part Two Handout

Lesson 3: Completing Medically Related Social Service: Beyond Documentation
Lesson 3: Part One Handout
Lesson 3: Part Two Handout

Lesson 4: Planning for Successful Discharges
Lesson 4: Part One Handout
Lesson 4: Part Two Handout

Lesson 5: Community: Utilizing Social Work Systems for your Facility
Lesson 5: Part One Handout
Lesson 5: Part Two Handout

Lesson 6: Behaviors and Cognition: The Resident’s Mental Health and Behaviors….and Yours!
Lesson 6: Part One Handout
Lesson 6: Part Two Handout

Lesson 7: Key to Communication: How to Become a Valued Member of the IDT
Lesson 7: Part One Handout
Lesson 7: Part Two Handout

Lesson 8: True Advocacy: Legal Issues for Social Service
Lesson 8: Part One Handout
Lesson 8: Part Two Handout

Lesson 9: Preparing for Survey: Achieving an A+ for Social Service Department
Lesson 9: Handout

Resident Care Plan
Care Plan: Part One Handout
Care Plan: Part Two Handout

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • Course Certificate