Time Management for Long-Term Care Workers

SSD Online Training by Jody Giac

Who should take this course?

This course is for all nursing home staff.

Why should I take this course?

Tight budgets and short staffing mean that most nursing home staff have more on their "to-do" lists than humanly possible. Time management, therefore, is a critical skill. This course provides you with a practical method for getting the important things done.

What will I learn?

After completing Time Management for Long-Term Care Workers, you will be able to:

  • Plan and prioritize each day’s activities,
  • Overcome procrastination quickly and easily,
  • Handle crises effectively and quickly,
  • Organize your work space and workflow,
  • Delegate more efficiently,
  • Use rituals, and
  • Run more effective meetings (or participate more effectively).

How long will it take?

Allow about 30 minutes to complete the Time Management for Long-Term Care Workers.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • Course Certificate