The Seven R’s of Behavior Management

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Reassess: Is there a physical problem, UTI, constipation, pain, etc.?

Reconsider: Is the behavior truly a problem to the resident or just to staff?

Rechannel: Can the behavior continue in a less disturbing or less harmful way? Maybe the resident can continue by using another format or material?

Redirect: Consider what the need seems to be. Is the behavior a signal of stress?

Reassure: Use frequent reminding that we understand and care and will help as needed.

Repeat: You must patiently and frequently repeat your comments to your resident at eye level.

Respect: Always show your resident respect. They will know how you feel by your body language.

Behavioral interventions are specific actions taken by staff to manage, reduce, or eliminate dysfunctional resident behaviors.

Remember: Behavior is a way of communicating. Usually, the message is a need for attention.

When a person cannot verbalize needs, feelings, or emotions, they will utilize any way they know how to get their message across.

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